Contact Tracing Scams

By: Admin

No doubt, you’ve heard that Massachusetts, in collaboration with Partners In Health, has created a COVID-19 Community Tracing Collaborative. The program focuses on contacting the associates, friends, and family of confirmed positive COVID-19 patients to flatten and reduce the curve in Massachusetts.

Unfortunately, this initiative has provided criminals with an opportunity to scam the public into giving them the personal information they need to steal their identity and gain access to their bank accounts.

Official Contact Tracers may call your home or mobile number directly or send you a text giving you notice that they will call you. When they do contact you, they will never ask for personal information such as social security numbers and will not ask you for any money.

To be fully prepared for how the Contact Tracing program works and the cunning ways that scammers are using the program to hoodwink consumers, visit this article at The Federal Trade Commission

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