Unsecured Loans Effective June 4, 2024
$750-$7,50012-24 months$47.5413.0%
Auto Loans* Effective June 4, 2024
2020-202412-60 months$19.295.90%
2017-201912-48 months$23.836.75%
2016 and older12-48 months$24.067.25%
Commercial Vehicles/Equipment* Effective June 4, 2024
2023-202412-60 months$20.288.00%
2016-202212-48 months$24.538.25%
Collateral Loans Effective June 4, 2024

Collateral loans require interest-only payments and are based on 90% of the amount of your Bank of Easton deposit account. The interest rate is calculated based on the rate you earn on your deposit account plus 3%.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

Available up to $2,000 at a Rate/APR of 18%

*Longer terms may be available at the Bank’s discretion. 10% downpayment required and autopay from a Bank of Easton checking account required.

**Annual Percentage Rate (APR) subject to change without notice.

All loans are subject to credit approval.