Choosing the Bank of Easton over a larger bank can provide many benefits, including the opportunity to support Easton’s people and small businesses.

As a community bank, we’re locally owned and operated and are committed to investing in and supporting our neighborhood. By choosing the Bank of Easton, you can play a role in helping to support our local community and its economy.

One of the main advantages of choosing Bank of Easton is that your money will be invested in and support the local community. Unlike larger banks, which may invest your money in global financial markets, Bank of Easton typically uses our customers’ deposits to lend to local businesses and individuals. This helps to support economic growth and development right here in Easton and can create jobs and opportunities for residents.

In addition to supporting the local economy, choosing Bank of Easton gives you access to personalized, customer-centric service. We are smaller and more agile than larger banks, allowing us to offer more customized services to our customers. This can include one-on-one financial consultations and the ability to tailor financial solutions to meet your specific needs and goals.

Another advantage of choosing Bank of Easton is that we are more involved in and supportive of the local community. We sponsor local events and initiatives and support local charities and non-profit organizations. By choosing a Bank of Easton, you can be a part of a financial institution committed to positively impacting the community.

Choosing the Bank of Easton also provides financial benefits. We offer competitive interest rates on loans and deposits and often charge lower fees than larger banks. Additionally, the Bank of Easton may be more flexible and willing to work with customers with credit challenges or unique financial needs.

Choosing the Bank of Easton provides many benefits, including supporting your local community. By investing in and sustaining a locally owned and operated financial institution, you can play a role in helping to support the local economy and community.

Main Office:

Peter M. Fresh, Manager
NMLS #750392

Branch Office:

Thomas E. Wooster, Manager
NMLS #810085

Loan Department

Margaret Murray, S.V.P.
NMLS #486427
508-238-1000, ext. 25

Randy Odierno, Loan Specialist
NMLS #715376
508-238-1000, ext. 27