Home Equity Loans Effective June 4, 2024
Product Term Rate/APR Payments/$1,000
Fixed Rate Home Equity Loan 1-5 years 6.625% $19.62
6-10 years 7.000% $11.61
11-15 years 7.250% $9.13
Home Equity Line of Credit** 20 years 7.500%

Combined Loan-to-Value limits apply. Homeowners insurance is required. Flood Insurance may be required. Quoted rates require a direct monthly payment from a Bank of Easton account.

**Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 7.50% as of May 31, 2024 based on The Wall Street Journal  Prime Rate published on the last business day of the month. APR will be Prime -1.00% For Life of Loan. Payments to be auto deducted from Bank of Easton checking account to obtain Prime -1% for Life of Loan.  If payments are not auto deducted or checking account is closed, the rate will automatically revert to -.25% below Prime Rate for the Life of Loan. Minimum APR of 4.00% and maximum APR of 16%. Rate is variable and may increase after consummation. Interest only payments for the 10 year draw period and principal and interest payments for the 10 year repayment period. Rates shown are for owner-occupied primary and second home residences. Subject to credit application and approval. Maximum line is $300,000. Customer is responsible for trust and condominium document review and recording fees when properties are held in trust. If the Home Equity Line of Credit is closed and discharged within the first three years, you will be charged an early termination fee of $550.00. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

For more information about our products and services, please email Margaret Murray at mmurray@bankofeaston.com or call (508)238-1000.

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