Tax Identity Fraud

It's tax time again, and those persistent scammers are stepping up on their fraudulent activities. So if you receive a call from the IRS telling you that you have only hours before IRS agents seize your property – its a scam!

The IRS never makes these sorts of calls, but there are lots of other ways that they try to trick you. They send notices to people saying their returns failed because of duplicate social security numbers, asking you to confirm yours. Or they tell you that they deactivated your account when you have not logged in recently, and to reset your account.

It is now Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week, and the Federal Trade Commission is hosting a series of one-hour education events online event over the next several days to help you take the necessary steps to protect yourself.

To learn more about these events, Click Here.

To Download the FTC infographic about IRS scams Click Here